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Commercial Refrigerators & Freezers Keep your ingredients at the perfect refrigerated or frozen temperature no matter what size commercial kitchen and storage capacity requirements Refrigeration equipment is found in every commercial kitchen. No matter what kind of refrigeration equipment you are looking for, on our site you will find the selection and information to make the perfect purchase. Choose from a popular reach-in refrigerator or freezer, or the convenience of a roll-in, roll-through... continue...


Cold rooms

Commercial Refrigeration Ever had that rotten smell in your kitchen from deteriorating food because your Commercial Refrigeration is not doing its job? Can you imagine the effect on your customers. If you have inadequate refrigeration equipment, the cost in lost customers, not to mention inventory, could be huge. Make sure your equipment is doing its job; come see us at Ristormarkt Food equpment and put your concerns to rest. With equipment ranging from bar refrigerators, display refrigeration, f [continua ...]


Display counters

Display counters


Cold display counters

Merchandisers A merchandising refrigerator (glass door) is convenience itself for your corner store or grocery shop. With a merchandizer, your customers can see at a glance the many offering you have from drinks to ice cream treats to milk or juice. Coming in one, two, or three door options, Ristormarkt Food equpment Restaurant Equipment has the size for you! [continua ...]


Upright and tables refrigerated

Reach In Refrigeration Commercial Reach In Refrigeration units are present in virtually every foodservice establishment, ranging from the typical restaurant to grocery stores, cafeterias, and other large-scale business models. Whether is reach in refrigerator or reach in freezers, choose the one that best suits your needs.Reach In Freezers Solid door freezers come in a variety of styles, including models with one, two, or three doors to fit into available areas in your kitchen. There are a number