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Food Holding, Warming & and Dispensing Equipment Warm foods or keep precooked foods at their ideal, safe temperature with the perfect style of holding equipment You can make your commercial kitchen more efficient and food safer for your customers thanks to the wide range of various food holding, warming, and dispensing equipment available on our site. Save your business time and money by carefully considering which styles best meet your needs. Catering companies, concessions, and food trucks all can greatly benefit from a variety of food transportation equipment that allows you to keep foods at the ideal temperature. Choose from stationary or mobile heated cabinets, banquet carts, proofing cabinets, portable buffet tables, hot dog merchandisers, mobile cooking carts, or hot food serving counters. On our site you will also find a huge selection of countertop hot food holding equipment such as soup kettles, hot food display cases, buffet warmers, fry stations, and various styles of countertop food warmers. If you simply need to hold warm food at the right temperature, choose from a selection of warming drawers, heated cabinets, or holding bins. Choose from steam tables of various sizes and styles in both gas and electric models, or hot/cold food tables and drop in wells. You’ll also find an array of specialty equipment such as syrup warmers, rethermalizers, hot food dispensers, hot dog bun warmers, and hot dog steamer/broilers.


Modular foodservice

Attrezzatura per self service
La nuova gamma self-service presenta un'attrezzatura che è espressione della costante attenzione che Ristormarkt dedica alle mutevoli tendenze della ristorazione self service nel rispetto delle normative. Le innumerevoli varianti di gamma consentono di personalizzare al meglio il proprio layout di distribuzione pasti in armonia con la sala di ristorazione. La gamma, composta da elementi refrigerati, caldi, neutri con soluzioni in linea o ad isola, consente di esporre e distribuire gli alimenti secondo le proprie necessità. Il nostro self-service d'arredo propone un'ampia serie di elementi dedicati espressamente ad una ristorazione veloce, progettati per realizzare ambienti funzionali, dal pregevole design, in grado di armonizzarsi in un'atmosfera gradevole ed accogliente. Affidati a Ristormarkt per l'acquisto delle tue attrezzature per la ristorazione self service! [continua ...]


Pairing foodservice

Hot Holding Equipment Would you be satisfied being served food that had lost its flavour and tasted like it had been on hold for hours? Of course not, so why would your customers? The proper Hot Holding Equipment and Warming Equipment that Ristormarkt Food equpment can provide will ensure that the food you serve has the same flavour, texture, and presentation at whatever time it is presented to your customers. Once prepared, you want to ensure that your food is kept at the optimal temperature and held there without losing any of its flavour. Ristormarkt Food equpment Restaurant Equipment offers a large selection of hot holding and warming equipment such as display warmers, food warmers, heat lamps and holding cabinets. [continua ...]

Snack Self


Our range of snack-self modules has been enriched with new lines and innovative solutions with proposals capable of satisfying the most varied aesthetic needs but above all capable of offering completely different uses, from the DROP-IN modules, designed for being able to adapt to any made-to-measure solution, to the ATHENA line, perfect for furnishing self-service lines in company or school canteens. An innovative concept featuring excellent modularity is the BREAK line, perfect for furnishing elegant breakfast rooms or conference areas with style and practicality.

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